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Have you ever dreamt of flying, of seeing the world from above, without limits? Then a gliding flight is the perfect experience for you.


A glider flight is an experience suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions. No previous flying experience is necessary.


What is a gliding flight like?


The gliding flight starts with a tow by an aeroplane up to a height of about 500 meters. At this point, the pilot switches off the engine and the glider starts to glide.


The pilot controls the glider by taking advantage of thermal updrafts. These hot air currents are generated when the ground is heated by the sun. The pilot looks for these currents and uses them to climb in altitude.


A glider flight can last between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions. At the end of the flight, the pilot lands on a field or runway.


Who can enjoy a glider flight?


Anyone who wants to experience the freedom and beauty of gliding can enjoy a glider flight. No previous flying experience is necessary.



Wear comfortable clothes and suitable walking shoes.

If you have glasses, don't forget to bring them.

If you have any medical condition, inform the pilot before the flight.


  • Gliding is a unique experience that allows you to enjoy panoramic views, freedom and serenity. You don't need to be an experienced pilot or be in exceptional physical condition to enjoy this activity.

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